Introducing the Anderson School of Math and Science

Next school year - 2023-2024, we will have three teachers in each grade level. Two of these teachers will continue to teach as they always have. However, one teacher in each grade level will spend more instructional time focused on math and science. Of course, all state standards will still be taught, but there will be a greater focus on math and science in the School of Math & Science.

Additional Information

We plan to increase the time for these subjects gradually as students get older. Consequently, kindergarten students in this specialized section will have a bit more math and science each day than students in the traditional sections, 1st grade will add more time in math and science, 2nd grade will have more than 1st grade, 3rd grade will have more than 2nd grade, and 4th grade will have the most, up to an hour a day of science and potentially two separate time periods of math totaling 1 hour and 45 minutes each day.

What Will Be Different?

Students in this specialized section will:

receive more science and math instruction each day.

be flexibly grouped at various points in the day so we can challenge them with work at their level.

have a teacher who is especially interested in this new opportunity.

Our daily schedule for this specialized section will include at least:

1 hour of math instruction, 1 hour of reading instruction, 1 hour of science instruction, 45 minutes of writing, and the same amount of Specials, lunch, and recess as students in our traditional sections.

If you don’t like this idea, we will still have two sections in each grade level where instruction will remain the same as it has been in the past.

Please let us know if you are interested in this new option by Include the information below in an email to

Let us know your choice of options:

  1. I would like my child(ren) considered for this program.

  2. I would like more information about this program.

  3. I am not interested in having my children participate in this option.

Include guardian contact information and your child(ren) name(s) and grade.