A Note from Principal Gorman

Anderson is a special place for children. We cherish each and every one of them and endeavor to provide a world-class education, while inspiring a life-long love of learning. We are committed to using proven strategies and techniques that ensure our students make extraordinary academic growth. We also accept the profound responsibility of providing a nurturing environment in which students feel safe and can focus on maximizing their potential.

The staff at Anderson is dedicated to helping our students learn the importance of respect and responsibility. We utilize a Positive Behavior Support approach to establish our school-wide expectations and we have a variety of creative ways to reinforce positive behavior.

We realize that the likelihood of providing an exceptional education is greatly increased when we partner with parents. Consequently, we enthusiastically encourage parent involvement. Whether you are able to help out in the classroom, participate in school activities, serve as a member of our PTO, or simply support the learning of your children from home, we are eager to work with you to see what future we can create for our kids!

When we combine a dedicated, passionate staff with actively engaged and supportive parents, theĀ  results for our students will be remarkable!

At your service,

Sean Gorman

Sean Gorman, Principal

Anderson Elementary School